Me and My Best Pal Al

Me and My Best Pal Al

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Do I Look Old?

Well, I don't think I look reallllly Grandma Moses kinda old.
I highlight my grey hair and my stepdaughter who is a hairdresser cuts
it in a blunt, chic do that I mostly wear up. Can still manage to see the eyeliner on my lids without looking like Baby Jane, know enough not to wear bright red lipstick that seeps into the burrows of my upper lip and makes me look like an old hooker. ( I obviously tried it.) No, now I stick to
the "less is more" after seeing one too many old ladies with so much rouge on their cheeks they look like a marionette or a cupie doll that has been
in the attic too long.


  1. You have a very fun way of writing! Now you just need to add pictures so we can see your chic hairdo!

  2. I would if I could. I have downloaded software for a new printer and it messed up everything. I can no longer get into my adobe photo file. I need the geek squad I guess. I am on facebook with lots of photos if you are "dying" to see my hairdo. LOL. Thanks for saying "hi" we old folks need lots of attention.