Me and My Best Pal Al

Me and My Best Pal Al

Monday, January 11, 2010

I'll Remember You, Maybe.

One of my worst nightmares is to run into someone at a party, on a walk, in the supermarket who approachs me with a huge grin and all the communication techniques one would display greeting her best friend or at least an intimate one.
My brain searches for every possible clue to assist me in identifying this stranger. Did we meet on the golf course? Tennis court? I scan every inch of her body for something that would give me a hint of who she is; birthmarks, scars, clothing, disabilities. Nothing. I get nothing. I do not have a clue who this personable person is who is making me crazy.
I dredge up every possible means of appropriate dialogue to make her think I know her.
"Your hair looks great, love your sweater, is it new?" "Gosh, it's so great to see you." (Who the heck are you? ) Maybe I will remember you...but maybe not.

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