Me and My Best Pal Al

Me and My Best Pal Al

Monday, January 4, 2010

Exercise. Exorcise.

"I must....I must... I must develop my bust." Remember that little ditty we recited when we were about age 15 while pushing our palms together attempting to build up our blossoming bosoms?" Well, it's time we do it again. But not for that particular part of our anatomy. Think
those babies are long gone. Now we must do it just so we can walk and talk long term. We must take revenge and exorcise the evil powers of gravity from our aging bodies. Of course, it could be dangerous. Everything we do physically at our age could be a matter of life or death or a few broken bones. I have a friend who fell off her bike and broke her hip; another broke her wrist playing tennis; another broke her finger rolling on that stupid, big, rubber ball; and yet another broke her leg dancing the salsa. I ended up having knee surgery after too much wine and shaking my hips and every other part of my torso to "Play That Funky Music White Boy." We will do almost anything to feel young again even if we know we could become disabled. Do you think we get stupid as we age? When I say exercise I am talking walking at a moderate pace, doubles tennis, golf, stretching, yoga, Tai Chi...
not spinning, skiing moguls or speed racing on your bike. Soduko is good.

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