Me and My Best Pal Al

Me and My Best Pal Al

Friday, January 11, 2013

Chin...chin...chin. So now I am growing more hair on my chin than on my head. And since my eyes are dimming and my fingers stiffen up I can't find these little suckers long enough to pluck them from
my face. That and the fact they've become harder to get since I now possess a neck very similar to
the guy we slaughter every year to put on the Thanksgiving table. Sobble. Sobble.Sobble.

I asked Al to pluck them out and he almost took off my entire face as he has hands like a gorrilla.
Reminded me of the time I had hurt my rotator cuff and couldn't fix my hair. He pulled my hair
into a pony tail as if he were hitching a trailer to the back of a moving pickup truck. I went for several months with my nose closer to my head and had a brow lift that cost me nothing but a few screams and excruciating pain.

Thankfully my friend Sue who is an ER nurse kindly said she would remove them for me. Nice to have a young friend who can see and knows how to work a tweezer without leaving scars.

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